Thursday, October 28, 2010

Raindrops In My Custard

Ok. I fully admit it. I am a slacker with a capitol S that rhymes with mess which is an excellent description of this last month here at Capernwray. I am deeply sorry to all of you whom I promised this blog to. I’ve finally settled in enough to where I hopefully can keep up a continuous flow of the craziness and not as crazy goings on here.
For starters I’ll give you a general idea of the layout of my day. Please try not to get overly excited or envious ok? And scoot your chair back before you go blind from putting your face so close to the screen…
               WAKE UP!!!! 6:30/7ish (yes dad, I recognize this is a miracle that only something in the supernatural could accomplish.)
               Breakfast/quiet time/daily duty (I feel like I should inform you that my first duty was to sweep and wash the 4 flights of tower stairs ((which btw is where my room is located and anyone who even remotely knows me will know how ridiculously happy that makes me)). For the next 3 weeks I am pool attendant and even though it cannot boast of any stereotypical story book feel, I appreciate it from the very depth of my splagnidnidzomai (more on that later).)
               Lectures!! 9-1....ok…you need to settle down now…you’re going to have a stroke due to that envy coursing through your brain right now….seriously I’m not going to write anymore unless you chill….

Ok…that’s better

It’s surprisingly awesome actually. We’ve had some seriously amazing guest speakers and the principal here speaks quite often and ohhhhh baby he challenges me like none other. We also get a 20 minute coffee/tea break at 11 which can I just say is one of the ways these brits one up us. An entire break where it is required you drink tea….genius.
               Dinner (lunch)/free time 1-5 (there are many different things that go down during these times, sometimes it’s very studious and other times I fly my kite for a couple hours….you know sophisticated English stuff)
               Tea (dinner) 5 (ummmm what to say……  I got it….get ready. Potatoes.)
               More lectures!!!! 7-9.....
               Information coma time 9-10:45 (also known as more free time. I’ll say more about specific things we do later cause I’m late for the European/North American football match!!)
I miss you all and I will try my darndest to keep this baby updated… until my next post then. Cheers! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010